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Calcium D3 VITAMIR N60 Chew Tab Orange Flavor


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  • Calcium ensures the normal functioning of the body as a whole. The need for it depends on age. In adolescence, consuming enough calcium is very important for skeletal growth.
    It is impossible to overestimate the importance of calcium - as the basis for the health of bone, nervous and muscle tissues, in addition, taking first place among the mineral elements of the human body, it is the main building material of bones, teeth, hair and nails.
    The body contains from 1 to 1.5 kg of calcium, 99% of which are in the teeth and bones. Calcium is involved in the regulation of the permeability of cell membranes, in the most important stage of the hemostasis system - blood coagulation, processes of nervous tissue excitability, muscle contractility, coordinates heartbeat, regulates blood pressure, has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects, synthesizes and activates many enzymes and hormones, strengthens the immune system . Calcium is required by the central nervous system to transmit nerve impulses.
    As part of bone tissue, calcium is contained in one of two forms - free and bound. If free calcium reserves are depleted, the body takes it from the bones to maintain the level of calcium in the blood. Adult bones are updated annually by 20%.
    So to maintain an attractive appearance, you need to monitor the balance of calcium in the body. The most acute period when its deficiency is manifested is the postpartum period and advanced age. Every second elderly person suffers from osteoporosis - bone atrophy, and women in the first place. After 30 years, a lack of calcium can cause osteoporosis in women.
    As a result, joint pain occurs in adults, and in the elderly, due to the increased fragility of the bones, fractures appear - most often the vertebral bodies or the femoral neck. For the prevention of osteoporosis, it is necessary to achieve the greatest bone mass during the period of maturation and formation of the skeleton.

    What is useful calcium:
    strengthens and preserves bones and teeth, improves the condition of hair and nails, normalizes blood pressure and fluid balance in the body, regulates the nervous system, the activity of the heart muscle, muscle contractions, prevents leg cramps, is a component of the blood coagulation system.

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  • “VITAMIR® Calcium D3 with orange, lemon, or mint flavor” is a dietary supplement recommended as an additional source of calcium, vitamin D3.

    Recommendations for use: for children 3-7 years old, 1 tablet per day with meals; children over 7 years old: 1 tablet 2 times a day with meals; adults 1-2 tablets 2 times a day with meals. Duration of admission is 1-2 months. If necessary, the reception can be repeated.
    “Calcium D3 VITAMIR® with orange flavor” contains calcium in the form of carbonate, its composition contains 40% elemental calcium. Additionally, the supplement has vitamin D3 (D3 is the active form of vitamin D), which contributes to the full absorption of calcium, inhibits its leaching from bone tissue, regulates the metabolism of phosphorus, normalizes the formation of the bone skeleton, teeth in children, and helps to maintain bone structure. The need of pregnant women and nursing mothers for calcium and vitamin D3 is increased. Vitamin D3 is formed in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet rays. The products in which it is contained are not so many. In addition, the process of calcium absorption is quite complicated. Therefore, the intake of calcium and vitamin D3 in the form of additives will help fill the deficit of these friendly elements.

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