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Biologically Active Additives “Shop of Life “

The products range is constantly growing and improving thanks to the research activities, carried out by specialized scientists and experts from around the world.

Shop of Life was founded in 1996 for the purpose of selling functional foods, BAA and cosmeceuticals. Revitalization of the nation has been our honorable mission for nearly 20 years now. At the core of our business is the desire to improve the quality of life, to promote a healthy life style of the nation in whole and to develop a sense of self-correction and self-control of each citizen in particular. Customers appreciate our BAA and cosmeceuticals for the fact that "Shop of Life" always offers naturalness, efficiency and accessibility. Judging by the steady growth of the adherents of our products, we are on the right track.

Products of “Shop of Life”

Our biologically active additives help maintaining health and preventing many common illnesses of our time: cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes, immunodeficient diseases. BAA of our brand effectively help solving problems that are insusceptible to traditional treatment.

Why Choose Namely “Shop of Life” Products

All of our products meet European quality standards of organic cosmetics, which is confirmed by a large number of relevant certificates. This means that our cosmetics and biologically active additives are natural and of a really high quality.

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Neither of “Shop of Life” products is tested on animals, nor contains any petrochemicals and synthetic ingredients.

Instead of artificial flavors in cosmetic products we use natural essential oils, which are the real Klondike of nutrients needed for skin care.

Due to a fruitful cooperation with Russia, where the BAA and cosmetics of “Shop of Life” brand are produced, we offer affordable prices for the entire range of our products with consistently high quality.

“Shop of Life” specializes in high quality customer service, because we believe that everything in the world works on the principle of energies exchange: what you give is what you get back. We put our strength and soul into the work with clients, helping you stay young, preserving your health and beauty, and you in your turn become our regular customers and recommend us to your friends. If you are ready for such an energy exchange - let's get to know each other better.